What's going on ?

Dear music lovers,

I need your help. 2020 has been tough. Due to the pandemic, all my concerts planned in summer were cancelled, and the majority of my income disappeared.

In addition of that, my piano, which has been following me for 8 years, got broken.

I need a new piano, a better one, with a better touch and sound, which will help me in composing, and find the best interpretation possible of each piece I want to play, with a silent system which will permit me to play at night.

My concerts were supposed to help me buy the piano of my dreams, but, as you know, they didn't happen and my finances got too modest to offer myself anything.

I can’t practice or compose anymore. 

That's why I am launching this crowdfunding : I need your help to get able to pursue my profession.


I am willing to offer for each donation a counterpart. You will find the details below. 

Thank you so much for reading me and for your support,

Kind regards,

Julie Anna Zappalà

Panneau de bois

From 10 to 49€

A huge THANKS & scores on demand

Résumé sable

From 50 to 99€



A private LIVE streaming CONCERT on my new piano

trees video.mp4

From 100 to 749€



An INVITATION for a private concert in Paris (when things will get better)

Shadow on Concrete Wall

From 750€ to...

An enormous THANKS


a PRIVATE CONCERT at your place or your society (in France and Belgium. Not including the piano fees)